Martine Cotten

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The history of the artist

Martine Cotten office pic

Martine COTTEN was born at Concarneau in Brittany, She had a happy childhood in the contry near Pont Aven not far from the breton cost.

When she was young, she used to draw. But only after several travels, she decided to paint.

How can man situate this moving and independent artist ?

Passionate painter, following her instinct and her sensivity, she does’t stick to a precise sryle.

Martine COTTEN paints all that she thinks is real, all that she loves.

She fixes her eyes on moments in life with tenderness and emotion, but she only keeps the essential thing on the paper…in order to immortalize this recollection.

Further, in her workroom, she draws this painting with great imagination and poetry through her numerous pastels.

Martine says :

«My piano is my 1800 shades of pastel with which I play by touches of lights, as a creation of a symphony.»

Martine Cotten